I use a Nikon Z6ii.Lenses- Nikkor Z 50mm and Nikkor Z 24-70mm. Dji Ronin SC. 
I use Adobe Creative Suite for all photo, video and motion graphics editing.

Each project is different, but the production process involves three phases:

Pre-production: The core part! This is where I learn more about your business and project. Together, we define what you need from the photos/videos. We might explore the platforms you want to publish on, the key messages you want to communicate, and who the target audience is.

After, I will create a photo or video outline/mood board, confirm budgets and arrange any production and delivery dates.

Production: The fun part! I will capture all required footage and images relevant to the project. 

Post-Production: Where the magic happens! I will review and assemble the footage/ images into a compelling story. You’ll have a chance to review one or more drafts of the photos/video to give feedback before everything is finalised.

Editing timelines are different and vary per project. The minimum editing duration for images and a short video is one week.

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